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More than 20,000 Esthetician’s in the world already trust us!
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Cosmopolitan, surprising and ultra-professional
Built in 3 Steps
Delivered in «turnkey» packs

Over 80 innovative professional face and body products for maximum versatility during treatments.

Treatments For the

Complete treatment protocols
From 30 to 60 min
Multi-skin type treatments

Products for your customers

5 must-have products essential for any at-home beauty routine to extend the Treatment Institute experience at home.

Your 15 Treatments For the Institute

Pick-in in our 15 T.I. for the face

And dynamize, build loyalty, boost your customers.

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30 years of international experience

200 Countries in the world where laboratory expertize has deployed. A strong presence in the top 10 cosmetological and dermo-esthetic countries.

new in my care menu

Depending on my needs, I select the Treatment for the Institute adapted to my center, the season and the request of my customers.

3Reasons why you should choose


15 Treatments Institute (T.I.) for the Face,80 professional products for the face & body,Complete assistance and support given to clients from the Institute to the home.


Formulated with our Pure water directly from the Valais Alps,Our actives are 100% Swiss and the highest performing on the market.


The orders are tailored to the needs and budget. Adapted to the Esthetician’s business development plan.

For more than 30 years we have used our creativity and modern vision of institute treatments by renewing the codes of esthetics.
For Cabine Exclusive, dermo-hygienist and beauty professional Aestheticians are the true source of inspiration and the heart of all its developments.


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